RedInzide, reinforce human action

RedInzide is a business adventure oriented to sustainability, the ecology and aligned with Economy for the Common Good.

Our target is providing innovative solutions to solve problems and social challenges, as well promoting and reinforcing the local activity and entrepreneurship against the global model that prescinds from the human dimension of the business.

Laundry collaboration

Reinforce human action

Ultimately, in RedInzide we believe in humans, we are commited to the human action, and for helping the development of entrepreneurs and small business by following the principles of the Economy for the Common Good in order to create a new different space where sensible consumers aligned with these principles can go.

We have two working areas:

Social net, service platform and free technological apps for the development of communities y and professionals aligned with the Economy for the Common Good. +info

Human Teknology, this is the target of TekInzide, promotion of IT projects to help people and improve their quality of life.

Area of social projects. We look for projects with social base and we offer financial solutions based on shared investment in order allow the traditionally excluded people to have the access to the technology. +info

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